About Us

Whilst we are always at the mercy of Airlines or Shipping Lines booking requirements, as well as statutory rules, we communicate to you the processes and keep you abreast of the status of your consignment.

Our niche is assisting small companies and new start-ups. To get going, one can become overwhelmed in navigating a myriad of requirements, from statutory bodies to banks. Our experience enables us to guide you through this process.

Anne and Paul started in the industry in the 1980’s. Paul specialized in airfreight and Anne in oceanfreight and international forwarding. In 2010 circumstances brought us to the point of joining forces and so Teal Ruby Logistics, until then offering consulting services, was launched as a fully fledged Forwarding and Clearing operation.

So many years in the industry and yet planning shipments still excites us.  The world’s supply chain relies on international transportation and we are passionate about being part of this dynamic.

Teal Ruby is an owner-operator company and to this end we have hand picked our agents and third-party service providers with a similar mindset. That means no call-centres and no screening of calls.

When you phone us, a decision-maker answers your call. Because of this, the majority of our clients are themselves owner-operators who expect the level of service we provide.

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